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  • How early should I arrive for my class?
    Plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first class and then plan an additional 15 minutes to find a good parking spot. So, if you’ve signed up for a 5 PM class, time your travel so that you arrive to the studio and are looking for parking by 4:30 PM. That way, you will have plenty of time to find parking, walk to the studio, meet the instructor, familiarize yourself with the studio, and get comfortable before your class begins. Please note that because it is disruptive to class participants, we lock the doors at the class start time and cannot accommodate late arrivals.
  • What’s the parking situation?
    Because we are located on Garnet, the main thoroughfare in Pacific Beach, we do not have on-site client parking; however there is plenty of free parking both on Garnet and on side streets. Ingraham, Haines, and Hornblend are all close options. Please do NOT park in Trader Joe’s parking lot as they like to tow! ☹
  • What should I wear to class?
    Wear comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Participants wear shorts or leggings. If you are attending a barre class, please bring socks (either sticky or regular) as they may help you have more traction during class. If you are attending a barre bounce class (on the mini trampolines), remember that sticky socks are REQUIRED for safety reasons. If you do not have any, please plan to purchase them at the studio before class.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    If you are attending a yoga class, please bring your yoga mat, water, and, if desired, a towel. You may also feel free to bring your own props if you desire (block, bolster, etc.) OR you may use the studio’s props. If you are attending a barre class, besides bringing socks as mentioned above, please bring water and, if you are attending a heated/hot barre class, a towel.
  • What can I expect upon my arrival?
    When you arrive for your first visit, please check in with the instructor at the front desk at the appropriate studio (you’ll see the barre studio door to your right and the yoga studio door on your left as you walk up to the studios). Note that for subsequent visits, you may check yourself in on the ipad in the lobby if the instructor is engaged with another client. Please let the instructor know if you have any injuries upon check in so that they may offer suggestions for modifications to certain exercises. In addition, please feel free to ask the instructor any questions you may have about the class at this time. Upon check in, the instructor will guide you to place your belongings in the cubbies underneath the benches. (Please leave shoes & phones in the lobby and note that the barre studio is carpeted so only water is permitted in the carpeted studio!) Please note that restrooms, water coolers, and props are located at the back of both studios, so you’ll walk through the studios for access. For yoga, the instructor teaches in the center in the front of the class by the mirror. There are usually 3 rows of mats and mats are set up so that the short end would face the mirror. For barre, the instructor teaches at the first spot on the wall with the short mirror to the right of the water cooler so that participants who are either at the front barre or the back barre can see the teacher. Also in barre, you’ll see an acrylic board to the left of the studio doors detailing which props you’ll need for class so that you can grab them and then proceed to a spot between two brackets. There is no need to take a mat to your spot at the barre as the instructor will cue you when to grab one at the appropriate time during class. (Note that for barre bounce classes, you’ll choose a trampoline as your spot!)
  • What can I expect during class?
    During class, please remember to listen to your own body. Do not feel awkward about modifying anything that does not feel good for you. Spirit welcomes individuals of all abilities and levels and we are all on our own journey! If at any point you are feeling unwell or overheated, please feel free to take a break. The lobby areas are cooler than the studios, so you may always step away if needed.
  • What happens after class?
    For yoga, if you used any of the studio’s props during class, please take a gym wipe from the dispenser next to the prop wall at the back of the studio and clean the props before placing them back on the shelf. For barre, the instructor will place a gym wipe next to your mat and at the end of class you can wipe down your mat and leave it in place to dry and wipe down any props you used and return them either to their place at the barre or in the back prop area.
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